Fortum HorsePower –
Bedding and manure management service for horse stables

Fortum HorsePower is an easy and eco-friendly bedding and manure management solution for stables. The comprehensive service includes delivery of your choice of wood-based bedding to your stable and collection of the manure-bedding mixture. The bedding-manure mixture is transported from the stable to a power plant where it is used to produce electricity and heat – clean, eco-friendly and renewable local energy.

Fortum HorsePower service is currently available for stables in Finland and in Sweden. We are looking for opportunities to expand the service also to other European countries.

Why choose Fortum HorsePower?

  • 1 An easy way to get rid of manure!
  • 2 Clean, high-quality bedding
  • 3 Utilisation of manure for energy production!

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