Energy from manure

The utilisation of manure is a much discussed topic in horse circles. We are a forerunner in using horse manure in energy production, and we do it proudly because incinerating manure is proven to be a clean and eco-friendly way to produce energy.

From forest to stable, from stable to energy

With the Fortum HorsePower service, the bedding-manure mixture is collected from the stable and delivered to a power plant where it is used to produce energy: electricity and heat. A key element of the entire service is the concept of a circular economy, and that is why we use wood-based, renewable, domestic bedding. Generated as a by-product of the forest industry, the wood-based bedding is delivered to a stable where it is utilised. The bedding-manure mixture generated at the stable is then used as a raw material for energy production. This way, one's waste becomes a raw material for another. The result is clean, renewable and eco-friendly local energy that can be used to partly replace fossil fuels in energy production – and thus also contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

Proven eco-friendly energy

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) have studied the lifecycle environmental impacts of horse manure in energy use. The study compared the environmental impacts of combusting a wood-based bedding-manure mixture to the impacts of composting the manure. Based on the study, we can assure that the Fortum HorsePower service is a very eco-friendly solution for utilising horse manure and the benefits of the service are many – including the positive impact on curbing climate change. So the Fortum HorsePower service is a proud producer of green hoofprints!

Did you know that two horses produce enough manure to generate heat for a single-family-home for a year?

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